2015 was a productive year for both NIEM and the EM domain. As NIEM (the program) focused on developing and refining new utilities and processes to support all domains and adopters, the EM domain matured both in terms of community/member solidity and overall program contribution. 

The primary operating goal for the EM Domain in 2015 was to continue to continue to engage with EM community members in order to rapidly refine the draft NIEM 3.2 EM data model for inclusion in the upcoming 2016 release. Beyond this goal, the domain executive management and facilitator teams, led by Chair Jalal Mapar of DHS S&T, continued to focus the domain on the provision of technical guidance, expanding grass roots community engagement efforts and supporting NIEM PMO activities and working groups. 

Throughout the year, EM Domain representatives served in various working groups responsible for refinements to NIEM community operations. The domain maintained a central presence within NBAC-related activities, including recurring monthly meetings and face-to-face events. 

2015 in Review

NIEM 3.2 Release – The EM domain data model development team worked throughout 2015 to drive review efforts of the newly developed EM domain data model. Efforts included early adoption of the NIEM.gov Github community communications platform, as well as aligned review efforts with key community members and standards representatives. Attributes have been refined to meet the specific needs of the community, while also harmonizing with sister domains having peripheral operations. 

In late November, the domain submitted our draft 3.2 version for review by GTRI per development guidelines and we are now in the process of moving through the maturation and final review processes, which will carry into 2016 before the official NIEM 3.2 public release. Upon finalization, the domain will also release the data model via the EM Collaboration Zone and the NIEM EM Github site. 

NIEM Program Activities – The EM Domain participated in many NIEM and NBAC meetings and working groups over the course of 2015, including serving as Co-Chair for the NBAC State and Local Working Group. Activities such as these helped to drive NIEM introduction and education to many new members of our community, including representatives of the Big City Emergency Managers Association. 

The Chair and the other members of the EM domain executive committee look forward to continued support and engagement with our constituency in 2016. Here are some of our activities planned for early in the year. 

2016 Planned Activities

NIEM 3.2 Release (ongoing) – As the 3.2 review process continues into 2016, the domain will continue to respond to any requests from GTRI or NIEM PMO relating to data model refinement. During this interim period, if you have any issues or concerns related to new items for inclusion, please contact us through the NIEM EM Domain Facilitatoraccount so that we may begin to compile a list of review items for early 2016.

NIEM Program Support (ongoing) – As 2016 gets underway, the EM Domain will continue to be actively engaged with the entire NIEM community through recurring meetings and working groups, including new initiatives with the Domain Life Cycle Tiger Team, continued support of State and Local efforts and ongoing support and provision of technical assistance to emerging domains.

Community Engagement/Training/Technical Assistance - The EM Facilitator team will continue to actively participate in all NIEM PMO and NBAC activities that serve to facilitate the expansion of NIEM into our communities of interest. Individual NIEM training relating to the EM community is available to interested domain or community members. For those interested in training or technical assistance, please contact the EM domain facilitator team at NIEM EM Domain Facilitator.

We want to sincerely thank all of you again for the continued hard work and support. Proactive engagement with our active members and stakeholders is key to fully understanding the requirements of our community in terms of implementing NIEM within information sharing environments. Please feel free to contact us with ideas for community engagement, schema enhancement or other issues of domain concern.

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NIEM EM Domain Facilitator Team