The use of threat-hunting techniques to combat cyberattacks is increasing, according to a new report.  Threat hunting appears to have become a top-of-mind issue for security executives at many organizations.  But a relative lack of security staff and technology tools is limiting their ability to fully build out such programs.  The Information Security Community on LinkedIn recently polled its members on the state of threat hunting in their security operations centers.  The poll, sponsored by several security firms, elicited responses from 330 members.  The majority of respondents indicated that threat hunting either should or will be their top security initiative in 2017.  “Threat hunting” is a term that is generally used to describe the practice among security organizations to proactively search for and weed out threats on their network instead of waiting to discover them after an attack has materialized.  Organizations that have implemented successful threat-hunting programs have often pointed to the emphasis on human skills as a major contributory factor.