This section of the website contains resources available from the Standards Coordinating Council (SCC) and its member organizations.


IS&S Playbook


The Information Sharing and Safeguarding (IS&S) Playbook (currently in draft form) is intended to help users in their quest to create or enhance an effective and efficient IS&S Environment, and can be used at any point in the environment’s lifecycle, even starting over from scratch! Read the Playbook online or download a complete PDF copy.


Have questions? Check out the IS&S Environment Playbook Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your answer is waiting there! If not, email us at


The Playbook was developed by the IJIS Institute for the Standards Coordinating Council using the U.S. Digital Services Playbook as the foundational framework. User feedback is always welcome, and we are especially interested in hearing from the community of interest about resources that we can add to each of the plays. Please complete the structured feedback form online or send us an email at




The Terminology page includes SCC and information interoperability terms and their definitions. The page also includes additional terminology resources.


Information Interoperability Initiative UML Model Framework


This subsite of contains a Unified Modeling Language (UML) Model Framework for Information Interoperability Initiatives. UML is a modeling language that provides a standard way to visualize the design of a system.


More Resources to Come!


Check back often for additional SCC and information sharing and safeguarding standards resources. You can also find some helpful information and resources in our web section for Information Sharing Initiative, including Interoperability Tools and Use Cases.