description icon green arrowIn an earlier play we discussed how challenging a task it can be to fund an Information Sharing and Safeguarding (IS&S) Environment. The goal for any project should be the long-term sustainability of the systems to meet the mission-critical needs of the agencies. To do this we can break the overall project into logical pieces or phases so that funding can be obtained across a longer period of time. Plans for IS&S Environment’s development and the technology stack must be scalable to meet any identified future phases. As the capabilities in the IS&S Environment are enabled, there will also be changes in user needs, corrective actions, and enhancements that will arise, and there should be a plan in place to not only sustain the project funding but also to keep the IS&S Environment meeting the needs of its end users.


Desired Outcome: Line item budget or other ongoing means for sustaining operations have been adopted by legislative or executive bodies.

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1. Develop a long-term sustainability plan.
2. Create a maintenance and upgrade path responsive to user needs.
3. Seek placement of ongoing support in an established budget process with multi-year support defined.
4. Engage the community of interest in the product to ensure that a continual increase in usage is achieved to justify ongoing support.
5. Maintain an ongoing roadmap to add new capabilities and services based on user demands.

key questions icon purple question markPlay Key Questions


1. Where in the budget is ongoing maintenance and enhancement funded?
2. What organization is responsible for the care and feeding of the IS&S Environment beyond initial implementation?
3. What ongoing staff and contractor capacity is available to ensure responsiveness to user needs for bug fixes or enhancements?
4. Do we have the requirements to ensure scalability?
5. Have we addressed the scalability and new capabilities and services development in our contract with our solution providers?

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