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It is important to identify the sponsors who support the IS&S Environment’s mission-critical endeavor and are willing to provide support, resources, and funding to enable capabilities and showcase the project value. It is helpful to engage these key sponsors in a collaborative process to develop a funding strategy built on a strong and well-defined business case that demonstrates the mission problem an IS&S Environment will solve. 


Desired Outcome: A satisfactory business case is defined and one or more legislative or executive organizations agrees to sponsor the initial work to move the project forward.

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1. Getting sponsors starts with identifying user groups or organizations that care about the problem of information sharing and believe the IS&S Environment is an important step in solving problems.
2. Gather small groups of people who are stakeholders or who care about improving information sharing in order to prevent harm or promote resiliency.
3. Seek start-up investments to get the concept moving.
4. Funding for a complete IS&S Environment is rare, and teams should always consider scalability and sustainability. Develop a funding plan that doesn’t rely on one-time, up-front, complete funding.
5. Have a phased funding plan to share with potential sponsors.

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1. Have you accurately identified potential stakeholders and defined the role of each stakeholder organization?
2. Are there individuals in stakeholder organizations who are passionate about the need for information sharing and might wish to help find sponsors?
3. What will it cost to get the project off the ground and start something that people can rally around to finish?
4. Have you developed an approach for critical sponsor support that clearly defines the return on investment?
5. How will you document critical sponsor support commitments (e.g., memoranda of understanding)?
6. Who are the stakeholders that might step up to become sponsors?

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The following resources can help you with this play:


Funding Sources and Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance-Justice Information Sharing,  


Multi-agency Working and Information Sharing Project (2013), United Kingdom Home Office,


Funding Awarded for Enhancing Public Safety through Justice Information Sharing Implementation

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