NIEM version 3.2  and its associated products are now available for download and use.  Products include NIEM XML schemas (XSD), a spreadsheet (MS Excel) of all data components in the model, and alternate database formats (MS Excel, MS MDB, and CSV). This release is the latest version of the NIEM common vocabulary that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizations.

NIEM 3.2 is a minor release that incorporates content identified since NIEM 3.1 was released in May 2015. The NIEM Program Management Office, NIEM Business Architecture Committee, and the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee collaborated and worked closely with community subject matter experts to develop, review, and enhance reusable content in the model for this release.

Highlights of NIEM 3.2 include:

  • The onboarding of a new Surface Transportation domain by the Department of Transportation. 
  • Substantial updates to the NIEM Emergency Management domain led by DHS Science & Technology in collaboration with the first responder community.
  • Additional content updates to the BiometricsMilitary OperationsJustice, and Human Services domains.
  • The NIEM release cycle allows us to make NIEM model updates on a predictable and sustainable schedule that best meets users’ evolving needs. As those needs evolve, NIEM allows for flexibility and growth. The changes involved in NIEM 3.2 will continue to advance information exchange across all levels of government and various organizations.

Updated versions of the NIEM Schema Subset Generation Tool and Conformance Testing Assistant are also now available for use. Visit NIEM’s Tools Catalog to learn more about tools available to support various NIEM-specific capabilities. 


News Source: 

NIEM Program Management Office, 15 June 2016,