NIEM—the National Information Exchange Model—is a community-driven, standards-based approach to exchanging information. NIEM connects communities of people who share a common need to exchange information in order to advance their mission.

The idea behind NIEM is to let systems speak to one another, even if they've never spoken before. NIEM ensures that information is well-understood and carries the same consistent meaning across various communities, allowing interoperability to occur. With NIEM, you only need to know two languages—your own and NIEM. NIEM is driven by the community, for the community.

Today's challenges and opportunities cut across various sectors and organizations, often requiring collaboration between governments and industry. NIEM brings together diverse communities that collectively leverage tools, processes, and technologies to increase efficiencies and improve decision-making.

The NIEM Program Management Office (PMO) executes the vision of NIEM established by the Executive Steering Council (ESC), while managing the day-to-day operations of NIEM. The office encourages the adoption and use of NIEM and oversees all working group and committee activities, regularly coordinating with communities of interest (COIs), principal stakeholders, and other information-sharing initiatives to promote collaboration and interest in NIEM priorities.

NIEM is an interagency program with shared funding and staffing resources; the PMO reflects this.​​