The terrorism-related Information Sharing Environment is the central initiative to strengthen responsible information sharing across communities, agencies, and levels of government to implement goals set forth by President Obama in the 2012 National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding.

Over the past year, information sharing has been advanced across five mission areas:  watchlisting and screening, cybersecurity information sharing, incident management, state and regional ISEs, and maritime domain awareness. We’ve seen remarkable progress with Departmental ISEs with DHS; domain-specific ISEs in the maritime arena; and state-wide and regional ISEs. With the progress is the recognition that responsible information sharing is a journey, not a destination. Much remains to be done. The 2015 ISE Annual Report to the Congress serves as a progress report for the ISE across all mission areas and highlights key accomplishments of our information sharing environment partners across federal, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and internationally.

This year’s report highlights the work done over the past year across three core lines of effort: advancing implementation of national information sharing and safeguarding strategies; advancing the domestic ISE architecture; and enhancing the core ISE information interoperability frameworks, standards, and architectures. It also identifies opportunities for policymakers and the way forward. Additionally, the report highlights major ISE activities since July 2014.

The importance of the information sharing environment is clear; U.S. national security and public safety rely upon responsible information sharing that also builds in protection for privacy and civil liberties. Collaboration between all ISE stakeholders is essential to create and sustain a successful ISE. The ISE has demonstrated the power of their capability to share information responsibly across jurisdictional boundaries and disciplines, showing the maturity of the Nation’s capabilities to share information. However, information sharing is a journey, not a destination. Mission requirements evolve, and there are constant challenges in utilizing technology and assuring the appropriate use of vast amounts of information, further complicated by competing priorities. The stage is set for scaling and sustained maturation of the ISE as partners continue to respond to a constantly changing threat environment.

As with previous year’s annual reports, PM-ISE is committed to highlighting the information sharing and access success stories of all our mission partners. To submit your information sharing success stories, visit


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Program Manager-Information Sharing Environment